Client Testimonials

Dr. Jones was able to share some relatable ideas with my teenage daughter.  Also, he was very creative in developing ways to implement/enforce daily structured items such as chores and tasks. Dr. Jones has a very patient persona and you can tell that he enjoys helping youth. His goal is to help them mature and develop a positive attitude/outlook regardless of their background. Thanks to his advice and encouragement, my daughter is now taking college courses and doing very well. Her attitude is more pleasant and she has a very promising future. I’m grateful and thankful for Dr. Jones’s services and his common sense approach helping youth and young adults to mature and reach their true potential!

G. Sydnor, Washington, DC

Thanks W.W.F so much for your help. I will be using your services again. Job well done..thanks again

L. Frisby, Delaware

I have known Dr. J. for 10 years and I did not realize how talented he was in writing. I had an incident that I was being served for a overdue payment that was turned over to an attorney. Dr. J. wrote a letter to express my concerns the way the incident happen which was totally unprofessional. The attorney called me to apologize and my bill no longer exist. I wasn't expecting this to happen but I'm thankful for Dr. J. assistance.

L. Schoolfield, Maryland

I would like to thank Dr. Jones for his assistance regarding issues I was experiencing with my daughter’s teacher. I felt as though her teacher was not addressing my concerns, nor was she interested in communicating with me. After a discussion with Dr. Jones, he advised me on ways to break the communication barrier along with my daughter being treated as a STUDENT, NOT JUST A NUMBER. Thank you Dr. Jones for being just a phone call away if I ever need your assistance.

D. Davis, Virginia 

 I was recommended to Dr. Jones for assistance with my son's education. I had no idea the way he put the materials together as if he was an attorney. It gave me a great perspective on how powerful words can be expressed. I showed his work to my friends and they thought he was a lawyer. I was so grateful after it was over. My son is now getting the services he was long overdue for. I highly recommend his book and services.

V. Cook, Maryland

I went to Dr. Jones for help with my son's father because he didn't feel it was necessary to give me child support according to our contract. Dr. Jones helped me to construct a letter and late fees to give to him in order to put him on notice about his delinquency. I am happy to say that I can now expect my child support on time. Thank you Dr. Jones you have been a lifesaver......

Another great experience.......

I went to Dr. Jones to help me with chores for my children because they conveniently forgot what their chores were. He helped me to put together a chart along with a  payment schedule. I posted those charts and now my children are checking them off and have no excuse to say they don't know. I am thankful that Dr. Jones helped me.

I. Lee, North Carolina



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 Quotes from students.............

[adjunct instructor, PACE program "Leadership Development"] 

Dr. Jones set the mood everyday by coming in energetic and  ready to teach.......................C. Hammond

Dr. Jones has a passion for what he does......I. Okonkwo

Dr. Jones is a very funny teacher. He has a way of teaching you when you don't want to be taught........

 A. Barrett

My teacher was very, very different from any other teacher that I can remember. He understands where most of his students comes from...............S. Briscoe

I was trying my best to prepare myself for professor who don't care and professors who will fail you with a smile. Then I met Dr. Jones. He's animated and encouraging personality was just infectious.....................L. Brown