Music Vita

My music career started 1976 in Portsmouth, VA. I signed-up for summer drum lessons. From there I went on through middle and high school playing every instrument in the percussion family [i.e. piano, xylophone, bells, chimes, bass, tenor, and snare drum]. I perform in concerts and played in the marching band. I was drum captain my senior year. 

In March of 1983, I performed my first gig playing jazz music with Ms. Karen Briggs, who is nationally known as the one of the best violinist, living in California. Due to public demand and support, I decided to teach drum lessons to aspiring drummers. One of my students was only 4 years of age. 

In 1995, I formed my first band was called Straight Ahead which is now called Rhythm Jones and Company. We play various types of music [i.e. swing and bop to progressive jazz, fusion, blues, and gospel]. I have played with many musicians with various jazz and contemporary music styles.

Currently, I perform for several churches and perform private functions locally and aboard [i.e. weddings, reunions, dinner engagements and special events, etc.]. James Brown is one of my favorite motivators in music history.      

Sample Music: YouTube  Rhythm J-"Too Cool" 

Group Profile

1977-81 Concert and marching band

1982-87 Southern Hummingbirds

1983-Perform first jazz performance

1984-86 Tidewater Area Musician [TAM]  

1990-Drum Instructor for private lessons

1995-Formed band called Straight Ahead

1996- Presently [Group rename to] Rhythm Jones & Company  

 "Let's give

the drummer


James Brown

Cold Sweat 1967